Excursions around Belarus

Our travel agency «Tourist» invites you to have an exciting journey through Belarus, its historical and cultural sights, to discover new places. In this section you can choose and book excursions around Belarus from Bobruisk.


Sightseeing tour «Bobruisk-city over Berezina»

City guide tour around  one of the original and oldest cities in Belarus, Bobruisk. You will see historical city center, Bobruisk fortress, St. George’s Church, a monument to the symbol of the city- Mr Beaver, the synagogue and much more (https://34travel.me/gotobelarus/en/post/5-belarusian-towns-perfect-for-weekend-getaway).

«Minsk-capital of the Republic of Belarus» (+ entrance tickets)

During the tour you will learn about the past of Minsk in a wide historical framework. You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: the cathedrals of the XVII-XVIII centuries; the «Red» church; the oldest street Nemiga and the picturesque Upper Town, Trinity Suburb, the National Library etc

«Museum of the Memorial Culture Dudutki»

The Dudutki Museum is located 40 kilometers from the city of Minsk. Excursion-animation allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the culture and life of the Belarusian gentry manor with traditional crafts and entertainment with ethnographic entourage and interactive action.


You will see the famous Nicholas Church of the 17th century. with a richly decorated facade and a multi-tiered iconostasis, the Cathedral Church of St. Stanislaus of the 18th century. with unique frescoes, Konissky’s palace, residential buildings and civil buildings of the late 18th — 19th centuries; make a wish on the Astrologer Square.

Visit to the Oasis Group factory

«Oasis Group» is the largest juice producer in the Republic of Belarus. The installed capacity of the plant is 72 million liters of juices and nectars per year.

During the tour you can learn about the process of making drinks, as well as the secrets of their production.



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