Our travel agency «Tourist» invites you to have an exciting journey through Belarus, its history, culture, sights, discover new places and make your own opinion. In this section you can choose and book excursions around Belarus from Bobruisk.

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Sightseeing tour «Bobruisk-city over Berezina»

You can visit the sightseeing tour of one of the original and oldest cities in Belarus, Bobruisk. The route of the excursion passes through the historical part of the city, reflecting the evolution of town-planning architecture over the past 100 years, imprinting in the stone the traditions of the Slavic and Jewish people.

Horseback riding

«The roads of the war of 1812»

You can make an exciting journey through the territory of the famous Bobruisk fortress, the bastions of which remained unconquered by the French emperor

Visit to the Oasis Group factory

«Oasis Group» is the largest juice producer in the Republic of Belarus. The installed capacity of the plant is 72 million liters of juices and nectars per year.

During the tour you can learn about the process of making drinks, as well as the secrets of their production.

«Zhilich Palace and Park Ensemble»

During the tour you can visit the estate of the noble family Bulgakov XIX century. Zhilichsky palace and park complex — a monument of architecture of XIX — XX centuries. It includes a palace, a park, several artificial reservoirs. The palace is built in the style of classicism.

«Bobruisk-Red shore»

The village of Krasny Bereg is 4 km from the border of the Bobruisk District. This former estate belonged to Lieutenant General Gatowski, in which here at the end of the XIX century a palace with features of Neo-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance was built. In June 2007, there was opened a memorial on the site of a children’s concentration camp, in which children were taking blood for wounded German soldiers.


The sightseeing tour «Zhlobin: history and modernity» will acquaint you with the history of the city. Significant memorable events that occurred on the territory of Zhlobin district. You can visit the local history museum, zoo, buy souvenirs: soft toys and crafts made of straw, and visit the Zhlobin water park, opened in 2007.


During the tour you will learn about the past of the city of Minsk in a wide historical framework. The Principality of Polotsk, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rzeczpospolita, the Russian Empire, Soviet Belarus and the Republic of Belarus — this is the path that Minsk has traversed for centuries … You will see the most valuable architectural monuments of the city: the cathedral — the Orthodox and the Catholic — the cathedrals of the XVII-XVIII centuries; Petro-Pavlovsky church of the beginning of the XVII century and the «Red» church of the early twentieth century; The oldest street Nemigu, which started from the tree-hardened fortress — the Minsk Castle, and the picturesque Upper Town … The bus-walking tour through the historical center of Minsk introduces one of the most attractive corners of the city where architectural monuments of the 17th — early 20th century, The upper city, with which the life of Minsk has been connected for five centuries.

«Minsk-capital of the Republic of Belarus» (+ entrance tickets)

City tour. Acquaintance with the present and past of our capital, its sights. Includes an inspection of the Upper Town and Trinity Suburb, Freedom Square with the complex of former monasteries and churches of the XVII — XVIII centuries, the National Library, you will get acquainted with the numerous sports facilities of Minsk, visit the indoor football ma- nezh, the Tennis Palace, the Minsk Arena «. On request: visiting the circus, the Zoo, the Planetarium, museums, one of the theaters, the water park.

«Museum of the Memorial Culture» Dudutki «

The Dudutki Museum is located 40 kilometers from the city of Minsk, in the Pukhovichi district, is located in a picturesque place near the river Ptich, one and a half kilometers from the village of Dudichi. Excursion-animation allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the culture and life of the Belarusian gentry manor with traditional crafts and entertainment. And everywhere — ethnographic entourage and interactive action. In addition, there is a stable with Oryol trotters, and ostriches, and wild boars, and other livestock.


You will see the famous Nicholas Church of the XVII century. With a richly decorated facade and an amazing multi-level iconostasis, the St. Stanislaus Cathedral of the XVIII century. With unique frescoes. In addition, the Konissky Palace, built in the Baroque style by the outstanding architect Johann (Jan) Christophe Glaubitz in 1762. There are also houses and civil buildings of the late XVIII — XIX centuries. During the tour there is a visit to the Buinichsky field — a memorial, connected with the dramatic events of the Great Patriotic War. Here is an exposition of military equipment, installed

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