In the sauna of the Hotel «Tourist» your rest will become a pleasure. There are three saunas and three mini-pools, the rest rooms, showers and all other amenities.

The Finnish sauna is known all over the world for its healing heat. The temperature in the steam room can reach up to 140 C.

Hot air acts not only on the skin, but also on the respiratory system. There is a warming of the airways and improving blood circulation in them, breathing becomes deeper, the lungs are intensively ventilated. Sauna removes fatigue, relaxes tired muscles, increases appetite, improves sleep and mood.

In order to order a sauna in Bobruisk, contact us:

The cost of one hour stay in the sauna is 20 rubles. 00 kop.

Tel. To record: + 375 225 49-32-42; +37544 556-86-21; +375 225 49-32-98

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