Here we have created a special world where every SPA-treatment is a journey into an unforgettable fairy tale. The feeling of security and peacefulness will be along your stay in Tourist Spa.

It is offered all over the world of beauty and health centers of the future, beauty salons, united by a single abbreviation — SPA (SPA).

SPA — Sanus Per Aqua — «Health gives the water.»

In our SPA you will find the atmosphere of friendliness, comfort, and warmth.

To feel in harmony with yourself, your body, nature and the whole world, recuperate your strength, organize your thoughts and reach the peace of mind is possible only in Tourist SPA! We have created a special world where each SPA-procedure is the way to the boundless euphoria.

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City of Bobruisk, ul. Voikova, 20


+375 225 49-32-42